Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Today was a hospital appointment, so I set the crock pot going in the morning. A thick bean/leek and whatever else was left soup.
I got home in time to stop at the shop for some bacon to add. and then still time to make a batch of cornbread...

...in muffin papers to cook faster.

Monday, 2 March 2015

And the bead keeps going on...February

February's beaded coffee stirrers together.

They look fun!
But I am very ready to stop trying to put holes in thin wood sticks for a while!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

And the bead keeps going on...22-28 Feb

Week 8 February 2015








Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sunny House

I took my Ramshackle ideas to the Offcuts sewing meeting. There were a lot of people there so a lot of running around to get enough tables for everyone. Well, there were enough, but we had curtain making, quilt tacking and two lots of cutting out garments going on!

But I did finally get a start.

The donation for the conference auction is to be 6x8in. But it will be matted with an aperture of 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 in. So I tried to centre the house.

I am going with a Sunny day mood with this one. I have done the cutting and fusing. It needs a bit of fiddling with some of the line, but next is layering and quilting.

These type of pieces work well for finding out if other prints and colours work. The spots are a bit large for my taste. But how would you know unless you had a go? I will see what it will look like matted before I declare my feelings one way or another. But as I have found with these houses, some people really like them! (To me, A mystery!!)

Friday, 27 February 2015

Ramshackle ideas

The call has come for the SAQA donations - the small piece to be auctioned at the conference and the 12x12 piece to be auctioned online.
So, as tomorrow is the sewing day, I have gathered some pieces I am thinking of trying.

I want to see what kind of look you can get with totally different prints and colours.
Thinking of sunny days and so on.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

JQ 2015 - Cypress 2

The top of the Cypress is done.

I may have to attach a bit of the water soluble trimmings from the last tree to the bottom of this so I can work the trunk. I thought I would do the whole tree in one, but didn't think about fitting the whole into the hoop.

You can see that there is a bit of buckling from being in the hoop. I haven't tried to press it. I thought of it and then realised...oh. Steam = water. Not a good idea.

The water soluble I am using this time is the one from Art Van Go. I need to look it up on their site, but to be honest, I think it is also the same as from the other 2 vendors. No noticeable difference in the sewing anyway. Now to get the mathematical gentlemen in my house to tell me which is the best price. Without having worked it out, I am drawn to getting it from Empress Mills just because it is sold as yardage on a roll.

I love the texture in this one. I fiddled with my machine a bit and got it to run 3 threads at a time. That way you can give a more realistic colour because you are using three shades. and in this case, one of the threads was variegated, so that helped even more to keep from having the tree look flat. When you look at trees in real life, the are never all one colour. There are highlights and shadows as well as variations in greens depending on new or old leaves.

My previous Pfaff had two horizontal thread holders and on optional vertical holder. This has one horizontal and one vertical. But I put two threads on a thread stand. Here is a photo of the thread stand I took some time back.
I created an extra thread guide by putting the thread through the slot on this disk and slipping it onto the horizontal holder.
I tried it with a thread on the holder and this set up, but there were problems with the thread twisting round the stick bit between the reel and this disk.
I was very pleased that there were only one or two times that a thread shredded.

JQ 2015 - Cypress 1

Starting a new tree. I am going for a pillar shaped Cyprus tree this time.

I am doing little scribbles all over like I do when I doodle a tree in a meeting or something.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stitched Trees - 7 - Tree in a Forest

Today I finished sewing the binding on. And the tree tacked down through the centre area.
And here we are with Tree in a Forest.
The edges and binding are a bit wonky. Somehow I struggled to get the corners right this time. But the background for this one is about having a place for the tree idea. A sample, if you will. I have to make a note that if I am doing single fold binding wrapped to the back, it needs to be 7cm if I am going to stitch 1cm from the edge. Not 5cm or even 6cm(which I tried this time). It doesn't wrap round properly. OR if I do cut it a smaller width, then I have to have a narrower binding or use it like a double-fold binding.

Initially I said I was going to trim this and use it for a journal quilt as well. But, No. Too much work in it!

So, now that I have this one under my belt it is time to do another for the first tree journal quilt. (12in height x6in width). I am looking forward to the drawing part.

I was having a conversation with one of my friends, Helen, who lives up north and I see rarely at a show. We were talking about how we actually love the 'drawing with the machine' part. So, we made a deal to do more of it. Sometimes life gets too much in the way. and/or you get involved with other things. But something has to be said about taking time to do the type of work you really enjoy.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

And the bead keeps going on...15-21 Feb

Week 7 February 2015

For the first 14 days, I used dark coloured copper sequins. For the 14 days of the rest of February, I am using the bright coloured copper sequins.
which of course you can't see in the photos anyway!

And even this is not too clear...I think you can click on this photo to make it bigger.
Top stick has dark copper against the wood for each arch.
And bottom stick has bright copper against the wood for each arch. The flower/cog sequins are the same for all the sticks.

And so this weeks beaded sticks...







Saturday, 21 February 2015

A random sock post

Okay, here is another story for you.
Quite a few years ago, I had a favourite pair of socks (because they were black with turquoise).

Then one day - possibly after the Thoughtful Man was doing the washing and I was ill or away - I could only find one. No one had any idea what could have happened to it. And unlike when they ask me, they couldn't offer any suggestions or possibilities.

Since they were my favourite pair of socks (because they were black with turquoise), I kept the found sock on the top of the drawer set in the bedroom for some time.
At some point, our washing machine died and we got a new one. I got The Thoughtful Man to look in the trap...just in case the washing machine had eaten it. To no avail.

Eventually, still hoping against hope that I would find the other since they were my favourite pair of socks (because they were black with turquoise). I put them in a drawer.

Fast forward to preparation for the Pancake night on Tuesday. I am looking for the white lace tablecloth that makes using a single sheet for a tablecloth look fairly posh(when the dining room table is extended fully). Not where it should be, in the chest of drawers that serves as tablecloth and dish towel storage in the dining room.

Perhaps it is in the airing cupboard. Sometimes I dry it there as it is so fine it does no good in the tumble dryer. No lace tablecloth.

However...under a pile of towels at the back...

The other half of my favourite pair of socks (because they are black with turquoise)!

So I wore them yesterday...and then wished I hadn't because they are better for warmer weather. But still...

To be honest, when you wear them, you can't see the turquoise because it is under your foot, and the top bit is under your trouser leg.

Oh, I never found the lace tablecloth. I had to use the smaller cream coloured one for when the table is small.