Sunday, 21 September 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 14-20 September

2014 - Week 38 Daily Beads








Saturday, 20 September 2014

Something on Saturday

I don't think I showed you this one.

The sunset on the top of the tree behind our back garden. It was amazing how it made the top glow.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Blouses - done! part 4

Blouse no.4 also has collar stand as a stand collar and sleeves have been shortened. But the main feature of this blouse is the colour blocking using turquoise printed and plain fabrics, basically following the main pattern pieces.
The fabric used is fat quarters from Fairtrade Fabric.

Detail: There is a pleated strip of fabric added to the bottom of the back panel referencing the current peplum look. The sleeves also have horizontal pleats for subtle interest.

no. 4 The front and back pieces of the princess line pattern are a bit longer than the sides due to reaching up to the neck area of the shoulder, so I couldn't get the whole piece cut on a fat quarter. So, I opted to add a bit more colour blocking at the bottom of these pieces.

I had enough scraps from the turquoise dot fabric to cut the front pieces, but not enough to cut the back piece on the fold. So, I decided to have a seam at CB. This meant I could cut a wider piece, so I chose to pleat it in such a way to disguise the seam. I also added one more pleat on either side. So, basically I have added a pleated piece of fabric. But the result is something that alludes to the idea of a peplum without adding too much attention to my backside!

Possibly not the most flattering blouse, but it will be fun to wear on summer days just because!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blouses - done! part 3

Blouse no.3 is turquoise dot cotton. I used the collar stand as a stand collar. Sleeves have been shortened. Flat self trim pieces have been added. Most of these have the addition of a decorative stitch using turquoise cotton thread.

Detail: Flat self trim added in different ways a. as different length decoration on front b. as decoration on collar c. as inserts like flat piping in sleeve hem and button stand.

I haven't done a sleeve hem like this for some time, so it took a while to remember where to stitch and where to turn so everything comes out in the right place. I hadn't intended to add the decorative stitch here, but when the rest was done, I realised it needed to be on the sleeve to pull it all together.

The turquoise dot cotton fabric is more tightly woven and I found it very hard to ease the collar onto it without a lot of unpicking of accidental pleats. I had no problem with this for the other cottons. But the result for the blouse is a nice crisp feel.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Blouses - done! part 2

Thanks for the comment on the white blouse. I have gone through the wardrobe and got rid of 4 white Ready to Wear blouses, none of which managed to fit comfortably at all! Yet I put up with them for years!

Blouse no.2 is blue and pink stripe cotton. The collar and stand, cuffs, and button stand are in white cotton.

The side panels of the front and back princess pattern have been cut on bias and sewn together to create a chevron. I showed that the other day, but here it is again.

Cutting the stripe on the bias was not so easy because there was not enough to get it on a 45 degree angle. I ended up with 30/60 degrees (depends on which way you think of your angles!) This still worked to create chevrons at the side seam.

Detail: as well as the angled stripes and contrast sections, I used a selection of buttons in different shades of lavender colour. The blouse looks lavender at a distance because the dusky blue and dusky pink blend visually.
They were from one of the mixed packs I got at the Festival of Quilts. There were just enough of the ones with words on (like Tommy Hilfiger) to be able to use for the blouse. Each one is different.

I like how it creates a unique feature; basically because they were the only buttons I had that were anywhere near the colour!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Blouses - done!

Recovering today from going all out on finishing the blouses for the end of the contest!
Assembly line work has its plusses, but then again, it is not always wise. I was still sewing buttons at 10pm, then doing photos, then processing them, then writing the reviews. VERY LATE. But they were in by the deadline - midnight east coast America.

Somehow I need to learn better how to gauge the length of time things take - and add on the other things I do to that figure!

If you want to see what others have made, you can go to the Gallery for the One Pattern, Many Looks contest.

Here is the first one, made from white on white embroidered cotton I got when the Offcuts group went to Goldhawk road last year.

And a bit of detail. I used flower shaped buttons I bought from The Button Lady last year at Festival of Quilts.

I will post about the others during the rest of the week while I get my head together on what (out of plenty) project to do next!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 7-13 September

2014 - Week 37 Daily Beads

some of the beads this week were a little bigger. A little different in overall look, but not too much.


This one is a pale aqua that shows colour more obviously in person.







Wednesday, 10 September 2014

adding trim

The turquoise dot blouse is getting a bit of trim here and there. I had thought of frilly, but decided against it. So, we will see how these flat bits turn out.
I am stitching them down with a simple pattern stitch on my machine.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It's in the details

One of the blouses I am making is from fat quarters of fabric from Fair Trade Fabrics.
The front panels and the back panel (cut on the fold) are longer than the side panels because they go right up to the inside neck on one side. So, that made it difficult to cut from a fat quarter. I decided to carry on with the colour blocking and add a bit to the bottom from the turquoise dot fabric I am using for the other blouse.
For the front panel, it is just added in and cut making up the missing part of the pattern. But for the back panel, since it is cut on the fold, I hadn't a big enough piece from the scraps to cut out a piece without joining it in the centre. If I did that, I had enough to do something interesting.
I decided to pleat it in such a way as to hide the centre join a bit, and then just one more pleat to give it a false peplum look. I sure don't need great ruffles and peplums on my backside, but this gives a bit of interest referring to current style while still working for my figure.

The added piece then gets a bit more control when sewn and pressed. and even more when joined to the side back panels.

I got the sleeves on this blouse and the turquoise dot blouse today. Not much more because I also had a request to hem jeans for a Certain Young Man. They were also a bit too wide, and I tapered them in at the side to the hem. He looks very good in them now. Because they were cream colour, it was a lot easier to stitch the hem and make it look like original.
Sorry, I didn't get a photo.

Monday, 8 September 2014


The past few days I have been working to sew up the blouses I cut out earlier in August.

So far I have all the vertical seams (and shoulder seams) done. And the collars, cuffs and button stands interfaced.
and now I have the 2 with long sleeves nearly finished.
left: pink and blue stripe with contrast collar, cuffs, and button stands.
right: white on white embroidered cotton

Up to the point of needing the hem and needing the buttonholes and buttons.

The side panels of the pink and blue stripe are cut on an angle, so that the underarm seam has a chevron effect.